How Does Greek Housing at Coe Work?

The Office of Residence Life provides space for members of Greek organizations to live in designated rooms in college-owned residence halls right in the middle of campus. Specific wings in Greene Hall are designated for fraternities, while specific wings in Voorhees Hall for designated for sororities. Members of the Greek organizations control who lives in which rooms on their respective “wing”. Each chapter is also given space they may use as lounge and space for meetings, known as a chapter room.

Where does Lambda Chi Alpha Live?

The home of Lambda Chi at Coe College is on the 3rd West floor of Greene Hall, located on campus, also known as “the Wing”. There are 12 double sized rooms available for brothers and Associate Members on our wing. Rooming preferences are decided by seniority within the chapter. Our common area chapter room is located on the wing, serving as a gathering spot for meetings, ceremonies, studying, and hanging out.

Are Members Required to Life on the Wing?

Brothers and Associate Members are required to live on the wing unless granted permission to live elsewhere by the Executive Committee of the chapter. Also, students who live off campus are not required to live on the wing.

Five fraternities (including Lambda Chi Alpha) have designated wings in Greene Hall, located in the middle of campus.
This is a panorama of a typical room on the Lambda Chi Alpha wing. Members are allowed to build free-standing lofts that stay from year to year.
Coe College Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter Room
The Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter room was renovated in the spring of 2011 with the support of alumni donations and volunteer contractors.