Alpha Delta Alpha Fraternity

On October 20, 1921, a group of men came together to form the Alpha chapter of the Alpha Delta Alpha Fraternity at Coe College. This group would eventually go on to form the Zeta-Alpha chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha as we know it today. The charter members of Alpha Delta Alpha were as follows:

Paul A. Young Ugal Witham
Harold R. Johnson Clark Hileman
Ben A. Peterson Clarence Fell
Errol M. Bealer Carleton Sutliff
Earl Peterson Paul Wetherbee
George A. Hunt  

Lambda Chi Alpha Founders Day: March 2, 1946

On March 2, 1946 the Alpha chapter of the Alpha Delta Alpha Fraternity was chartered as the Zeta-Alpha Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha. Peek back in time to see the article published by the Coe Cosmos at the time of the chartering of Lambda Chi Alpha: Cosmos Chartering Story 3-6-46.

The 44 founding members of Lambda Chi Alpha at Coe College are as follows:

John E. Yager Kenneth D. Holvenstot
George R. Muirhead Robert G. Robson
Richard K. Bard Richard J. Seltin
Mart P. Schemel William A. Silka
James D. Welsch James F. VanAntwerp
Donald H. Hansen Richard B. Yager
Paul G. Kellogg Roger F. Hahn
Robert V. Kafka Frank H. Bosh
Fred J. Kahler Bruce L. Fishwild
Charles R. Colston William J. Hinrichsen
Maclyn B. Clancy Hal D. Haines
Virgil N. Fluegel Russell E. Jones
Robert F. Ray Marvin B. Jaynes
Kenneth E. McCulloh Lloyd G. Hamlett
Robert Myers Owen W. Hamson
Floyd H. Kahler Richard W. Hills
Elores J. Burgy John D. Smith
Benjamin E. Corbett Edward H. Winters
Dale F. Whitten William B. Norton
Paul E. Bolie Donald H. McKenzie
Clinton K. Chartier Arthur Poe
James A. Corell Fredrick N. Lutz